Aither has over a decade of experience in the environmental and energy markets.

to bring transparency and efficiency in the world’s most illiquid markets for both compliance and speculative clients. Today we are the leaders in pricing and executing transactions in all environmental products as well as in the global commodities markets.

With offices in Chiasso, London, Dakar and San Francisco

our global team supports clients in every market by providing a custom service tailored around individual needs.

There are five pillars
at the heart of our
operational process:


We carry out a thorough analysis of the individual needs of each client before engaging in trading activities.

Smooth Settlement

Aither delivers timely settlement for you and ensures that your transactions run as smoothly as possible. Every deal is handled in the best way possible in terms of price, speed and any other variable that is important to you. There is never a trade too small or too big.


Environmental markets can lack of transparency or suffer from information asymmetry, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We provide you with daily updates on prices and share all the important news that affect these markets.


Your security is very important to us and we work hard to keep you safe. Within our trading activities we eliminate counterpart-risk in 3 ways:

Units or payments are delivered contextually


Our contracts are smooth and our operativity is plug-and-play:

  1. There are no hidden fees or charges
  2. Simple, non-exclusive contracts
  3. Your orders are executed rapidly and smoothly
  4. Easy payments through online payments or bank transfer