Over a decade in the environmental and energy markets.

We bring transparency and efficiency in the world’s most liquid and illiquid markets for both compliance and financial counterparts. Today we are the leaders in pricing and executing transactions in all environmental products and the sustainability markets.

Present in four continents.

Our global devoted team meets our counterparts’ needs to fight climate change together with the best practices to comply with the ETS obligations. All of this while also following the industrial and aviation sectors.

Four pillars at the heart of our operational process


We carry out a thorough analysis of the counterpart’s needs before engaging in trading processes.


Every processed deal comes with the best prices, fast deliveries, punctual settlements, reliable partners, and competitive payment terms.


Environmental markets can lack transparency or suffer information asymmetry; that is why Aither gives daily updates on prices and essential news that affect its counterparts’ decision-making processes.



Our contracts are processed efficiently and our operations are plug-and-play:

  1. There are no hidden fees or charges
  2. Simple, non-exclusive contracts
  3. Execute orders rapidly and effectively
  4. Easy payments via online payments or bank transfer