We provide

access to the world’s environmental and commodity markets. We use our principal trading desk to quote hundreds of environmental commodity contracts as well as other energy-related products.

We guarantee

liquidity around the clock to industrial, aviation and shipping companies for compliance and voluntary purposes; as a well as corporate traders.

We also provide liquidity to institutional counterparties over-the-counter around the globe.

Our Clients benefit from higher execution quality and lower overall trading costs,

while the markets benefit from greater efficiency and more transparency.

We understand that all companies are different and have different needs.

As a result

Our team of senior traders is able to provide with a tailor-made solution to each of our counterparties. We support companies subject to regulatory obligations as well as those operating voluntarily in the environmental markets to deal with compliance administration and deadlines.

We also provide assistance

regarding registry accounts, regulatory changes within the EU ETS and balance sheet optimization for allocated units. We are a strong supporter of fair, transparent and orderly markets. We aim to provide optimizerd and instantaneous hedging, while the focus on risk management is at the heart of our organization.