A World In Compliance with Nature.

We aim to bring nature to its original state by fighting climate change and everything that is causing it to deteriorate. The future will be cleaner, greener, and more balanced. To comply is to be sustainable, is to be efficient, and is to be healthier. That is why Aither’s objective is to help you comply with nature.

Our mission

Your partner in the environmental and energy markets.

Access to the world’s environmental and commodity markets

We use our principal trading desk to quote hundreds of environmental commodity contracts and other energy-related products.

We guarantee compliance

We assure liquidity around the clock to industrial, aviation, and shipping companies, institutional counterparties over the counter around the globe for compliance, voluntary purposes, and corporate traders.

Our values


We thrive on supporting our partners with clear business objectives and a straight path to success while sharing our resources without restrictions to drive a prosperous partnership.


We hold excellence, know-how, and various services to secure our counterparties’ future to keep pace in an evolving market.


We deliver value to our counterparties as we offer an extensive range of services with passion and ambition.


We show promise in everything we do. We ensure an unforgettable experience starting by aligning our ambitious goals with our counterparties and ending with closing the best deals on the market that fight climate change.