COP28 Updates

The Power of Youth and Education


COP28 shed light on youth more than ever before in the history of COP. It also paved the way for policymakers and young representatives to have productive discussions. In another first, people witnessed the launch of the Youth Stocktake, a collaborative effort between COP28 and YOUNGO that aims to enhance youth involvement in COP.

COP28 addressed the importance of empowering youth through improved climate education and urged countries to comply with the UNESCO Greening Education Partnership Declaration. This declaration requires nations to incorporate climate education into their National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The Declaration received signatures from 38 countries. Additionally, the UAE announced a 220-million-dollar funding package to improve the health of youth in Africa. Lastly, the day concluded with a graduation ceremony dedicated to the COP28 Youth Climate Delegates Program.