Submitted EU 2040 Targets Under Scrutiny


Following the submission of the new climate policy plans for 2040, which aim to achieve a 90pc reduction in GHG emissions by 2040, the EU climate commissioner was called for an initial meeting with Parliament’s environment committee.

The plans received mixed reviews from various parties. A member of the Finnish Center Party hinted at the plan’s uncertainty regarding carbon removals. Additionally, the center-left S&D noted the removal of agriculture reductions in response to recent farmer protests. A Dutch Green member emphasized the the importance of establishing a clear phase-out date for fossil fuels.

On the other hand, the environment committee chair said that the plan for 2040 targets will most likely receive a majority vote, excluding the extreme right. However, he stressed the necessity of implementing supportive conditions to reach these targets.

In response, the Commissioner highlighted the non-binding nature of the communication, deferring any decision-making power to the next elected officials.