Relocation of Transshipment Activities


Seven EU Member States have called on the European Commission to implement additional measures to address the potential relocation of transshipment activities to ports outside the Union amid the expansion of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) to the maritime sector.

In a letter signed by Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, and Spain, ministers expressed concerns about EU ports being disadvantaged compared to non-EU ports, especially in the Mediterranean. Despite recent measures, including excluding specific non-EU transshipment ports within 300 nautical miles of EU territory, the signatories argue for additional steps such as revisiting the EU ETS Directive and introducing a “stop the clock” clause.

While changes to the EU ETS Directive would involve co-decision with the European Parliament and the Council, revisions to the Implementing Regulation on transshipment ports could be made by the Commission, subject to Member States’ approval. Currently, there are no plans to reopen the EU ETS Directive, and the recently adopted Implementing Regulation is not scheduled for amendments. The Commission will monitor evasive trends closely, reviewing the list of non-EU container transshipment ports every two years.