Plans Nationally Determined Contributions Ahead of COP30


Significant commitments were made during COP28, with 200 countries agreeing to increase renewable energy by 2030 by three folds and move away from fossil fuels. A recent roundtable meeting by IEA emphasized the necessity for parties to develop new plans for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) ahead of Cop 30 in February 2025. These NDCs, which follow a 5-year submission cycle, must incorporate comprehensive strategies for emission reduction targets and include investments plans.

Responding to requests for assistance, the IEA has offered support in data analysis and policy advice. The agency will also monitor all commitments made during COP28 and explore new financial mechanisms for developing countries.

Azerbaijan, set to host COP29, may face challenges in its climate change efforts due to the limited timeframe and the complex international environment. This is why, the Troika, composed of the hosts of COP 28, 29, and 30 (the UAE, Azerbaijan, and Brazil), is expected to play a decisive role in addressing climate change and keeping the 1.5°C goal on track.