Italy’s Renewables Replace Gas-Fired Generation


Italy’s gas-fired generation hit its lowest last year since 2019, standing at 45pc. This is mainly due to increased renewable generation of wind and solar power, averaging at 5.5GW. The decrease is also attributed to the low power consumption, which was lower than what it was averaged for in 2019.

Wind power capacity increased during the year, constituting 11pc of the country’s power generation. Likewise, increased solar power capacity extended generation to account for 11.6pc of overall power generation.

Hydropower generation also marked a rise by 6.2pc, thanks to rainy weather conditions. Run-of-river hydropower generation recorded its highest at 3.6GW, marking the most expansion for any production source.

In contrast, it is predicted that gas-fired output will be increasing in 2024 as it will be replacing the phasing out of coal-fired plants. Italy has already converted two of its plants to a combined cycle gas turbine facility, with more plants set to be converted during the year.