Germany’s 2030 Energy Efficiency


Germany’s Bundestag has passed the energy efficiency act (EnEfG), setting 2030’s primary and final energy targets. Earlier this year, it has estimated a 40-44pc rise in power demand by 2037 which is higher than its initial estimates from early 2022.

The goal of EnEfG is to achieve a final energy consumption reduction of 500WTh by 2030. This will take effect after final evaluation by the federal council in late October. With new measures to be implemented in 2024, it is estimated that Germany will triple its final energy savings.

Businesses exceeding 7.5 GWh/yr must put forth energy-saving measures, and those exceeding 2.5 GWh/yr will need to disclose their planned measures.

The law also introduces efficiency standards for data centres, and a target for reducing final energy consumption by 2045 is under consideration.