Emissions Reduction in 2nd Quarter of 2023 from Eurostat


c, compared to the same period last year. The largest decline of 22pc is recorded in the power and gas supply, also due to a full supply of hydroelectric power and the return of supply stability in Natural Gas flows, through LNG.

The second quarter also witnessed a relative increase in gas-fired power generation compared to coal-fired power generation, contributing to the positive shift of overall supply in the bloc’s energy generation.

The average clean spark spreads for a 55pc efficient gas plant in the German day-ahead market reached €4.50/MWh, signaling increased profitability, while clean dark spreads for a 40pc efficient coal plant were incurring losses at minus €13.66/MWh, contrasting with the previous year’s higher profitability of €25.22/MWh for coal plants and a less advantageous position for gas plants at €1.54/MWh.

The manufacturing sector experienced the largest recorded decline after electricity supply, decreasing by 5.4pc followed by an overall decline in agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and quarrying, water supply, and construction. On the other hand, services and household emissions increased.