EEX EUAs Trading Surge in October


The European Energy Exchange’s (EEX) new market maker scheme has boosted trading numbers of EU emissions trading system allowances (EUAs). October has concluded with more than 138mn exchanged, compared to 72.2mn in October 2022. The futures volumes reached 76.2mn and secondary market spot volumes increased to 2.24mn.

This increase of traded volumes is also reinforced by an increase in primary market auction volumes, which recorded a 27pc increase.
EUA options remained at zero in October; since 2,000 hands were last changed in September. Working with market demand, EEX is reducing its EUA quarterly options from 12 to 6 and its yearly options from 9 to 3.

After EU pushed the annual compliance deadline to 30th of September next year, the EEX has announced, effective from 11th of December, there will be an addition of two August EUA options expiries and three expiries for each of July and August in EUA futures offerings.