EAC’s Recommendations not Welcomed by UK


The EAC has stated that the UK government has decided not to follow several of EAC’s recommendations aimed at enhancing the country’s efforts toward achieving net zero emissions. Of the rejected recommendations were the quarterly reporting on its progress on toward net zero goals, setting a deadline for new oil and gas licensing in the North Sea, and requiring companies to develop obligatory net-zero transition plans.

On the other hand, the government has accepted to receive consultations this year on the voluntary carbon market and CBAM. However, with general elections scheduled for this year, there might not be sufficient time to fully implement policies based on these consultations within the current parliamentary term.

The EAC has expressed its satisfaction with the budget allocation of $1.9bn to upgrade the fossil fuels heating systems, allowing consumers to transition to heat pumps or biomass boilers.

Both the EAC and the Institute for Public Policy Research have found that the UK’s net-zero target heavily relies on private companies’ activities, and the government’s unclear policies are hindering progress toward environmental goals.