COP28 Updates

COP28 Agriculture, Food, and Water


COP28 was the first to dedicate an entire day to the food system, drawing attention to the associated issues. Over 130 countries recognized the importance of transitioning to a healthier, more sustainable diet, with approximately 140 countries pledging to incorporate agriculture and food in their upcoming climate plans. Furthermore, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) introduced an initial comprehensive strategy to align the global industry with the goals of the Paris climate agreement.

Pledges have secured over $3 billion in climate finance for the field of food and agriculture since the beginning of COP28. Fifteen countries committed to prioritizing interconnected initiatives related to water and food, and 43 countries joined the Freshwater Challenge, aiming to sustain and restore 30% of degraded freshwater ecosystems by 2030. Global organizations have presented a three-year support plan to assist nations in accessing financial resources and supporting farmers, small agribusinesses, food producers, and local communities. Lastly, governments have launched the Alliance of Champions on Food Systems Transformation with the goal of raising ambitions and bridging gaps in existing implementation.