COP28 Updates

Addressing Disagreements at COP28


On Saturday, disagreements surfaced among nations at the COP28 summit in Dubai regarding a potential deal to gradually eliminate reliance on fossil fuels. This discord hampered efforts aimed at achieving a historic commitment to ultimately end oil and gas consumption. About 80 countries demanded a COP28 deal to phase out fossil fuels, including the US and the EU, while other nations, such as China and India, advocated for an increase in renewable energy usage.

The Philippines emphasized that emission avoidance could lead to emission reduction or removal and called for an agreement stating that avoidance should not be categorized separately. Instead, it could be considered either as a reduction or removal, depending on the adoption of the agreement.

Although there was progress in negotiations on this day, disagreements persisted on key points. The COP28 President hurried countries into reaching a final agreement, citing time constraints and the need to address more topics.

The largest demonstration of COP28 also occurred on Saturday, with approximately 500 people calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.