2040 Targets Climate Discussions


The European Commission presentation is scheduled on 6 February to address reduction targets for the bloc’s 2040 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, an informal meeting in Brussels is to take place to discuss these targets beforehand.

Although the meeting will include EU environment ministers, no concrete decisions are expected to be concluded. Belgium, the current president of the EU Council, has emphasized the need for adopting eco-conscious practices; encompassing modifications in diet, minimizing food waste, and altering mobility habits in order for new targets to be achieved.

NGOs and environmental advocates have expressed their support for the EU’s commitment to climate action and have called for clear distinctions between gross GHG reductions, net carbon dioxide sequestration, and permanent carbon dioxide removals in order to effectively assess and measure progress.

According to the European Climate Law, six months after the UN COP28 climate conference, the EU Commission needs to propose a legislation and conduct a detailed impact assessment for the EU’s 2040 greenhouse gas emissions target.