How can Aither help?

We help businesses worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint, quickly and cost-effectively. Aither supports companies and public bodies to improve their environmental performance by offering a dynamic portfolio of services with a 360° oriented approach.

You can take a bold climate action thanks to our global network and proven expertise: this enables us to deliver excellent results, reliable services and a broad pool of choices.

Our services

Aither helps companies develop suitable and credible solutions.

We help you understand stakeholder demands and your sustainability impact. We support you in the design of your strategy and ultimately to act for positive impact

We measure impacts and assess sustainability risks.

By better understanding the climate risks your organisation faces, you can reduce costs, increase resilience, and grasp opportunities in your operations and supply chains.

Aither provides you with access

to a diverse portfolio of climate risk tools, datasets and experts. Our sustainability experts offer quick and flexible solutions combined with in-depth advisory.

Compensating through investing

Offsetting is the action of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to make up for emissions produced somewhere else. Investing in projects that reduce CO2 from the atmosphere is becoming a common practice among more and more successful international enterprises.

Carbon footprint

Studying the environmental impact of production, distribution, sales, waste, logistics etc can ease the development of best practices for the future while getting an insight of the corporate processes that are environmentally impactful.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of future ones to meet their needs. Developing a Corporate Social Responsibility means investing not only in sustainable business practices, but also in corporate culture.