Complete your compliance task

Emissions caused by aviation during the period of 1 January – 31 December per scheme year in which one has operated an aircraft are to be monitored. Further information can be found below, and the specified requirements should be met:

    • An authorized emissions monitoring plan, as well as any supplemental documents
    • As amended by schedule 4 of the order, the Monitoring and Reporting Regulation

The Six Steps to UKA Compliance

Data compiled throughout one’s monitoring should be used to create verified yearly emissions report, and said report is to be submitted by the 31st of March of the next scheme year.

Prepare your annual emissions report

It is advised that the preparation for the reporting procedure begins within the last few months of the scheme year. As previously mentioned, the report ought to be submitted by the 31st of March of the year after. Early preparation grants you time to accomplish the following:



Your independent verifier

One ought to validate their emissions by assigning an independent verifier. The diagram shows what is the verifier ought to do. As amended by schedule 5 of the order, although the verifier is capable of clarifying their requirements, all minimum information required for the verification will be provided in article 10 of the Accreditation and Verification Regulation.


To ensure an accurate representation of data of the emissions one is obliged to observe to that in your yearly emissions report. As amended by schedule 4 of the order, one’s reporting ought to conform to their emissions monitoring plan as well as the Monitoring and Reporting Regulation, all of which will be checked by the assigned verifier. The verifier is to evaluate the following during the verification of the yearly emissions report:


It is advisable that one assigns a verifier around June within a scheme year to ensure one’s emissions report is prepared by the 31st of March.

You can choose the verifier from ETSWAP, where you can find a list of UKAS accredited verifiers. Once a verifier has been assigned, one may allocate them to their ETSWAP account in the ‘organisation details’ category and from the drop-down list of the ‘default verifier’.

Time for the site visits by your verifier

A crucial element of the yearly verification process is site visits, as without it, the verifier cannot provide a positive opinion statement. The verifier is not required to visit each aircraft/aerodrome, as the data is normally centralised. A lot of data collection takes place in site visits. Thus, it is not unusual for staff members to be interviewed or for the effectiveness of the internal and control procedures to be tested. The optimal way to perform a site visit is determined by having the verifier execute a risk analysis.


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