How can Aither help?

Help understanding the EU ETS, the complexities of the system and prepping for its enter into force

Offset your emissions on a voluntary basis with tailored strategic purchasing options

Train you on the characteristics  of  the CO2 market (supply, demand, pricing)

Create an emissions reduction portfolio

Trading of emission allowances

We are both in the buy and sell-side and we are able to offer you competitive prices to the market rate of CO2 emission allowances.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Although your organization might not be able to become carbon neutral on its own, you can reduce its environmental impact with the use of carbon offsets. These represent the removal of one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere, made possible by projects implemented all over the world. Aither can give you access to those projects, from advising on how to build your portfolio to sharing your achievements with the shareholders. Carbon offsetting: from opportunity to authenticity.

Become a service provider to your clients

There are no sustainable strategies without sustainable people. Start offering green services to your leased fleet, build efficient synergies with your client network and stay ahead of the competitors with Aither's ready-to-use products, manufactured specifically for the shipping industry.