Sanitation Biochar Project

The Mosan social enterprise is addressing open sewerage problems by employing a circular sanitation system in densely populated communities. The system provides families with a urine-diverting dry toilet for in-home use and a communal sludge collector, preventing sewer water from entering water bodies such as rivers and lakes.

Mosan ensures the safe collection, containment, transport, and transformation of human excreta into valuable resources such as biochar and enriched biochar. This project also comprehends a methane avoidance vector of carbon credit generation. The Sanitation Biochar Project has the potential to be widely adopted due to its scalability.

We are Helping 60,000 Households and 27 Townships in Guatemala


Project Details

Project Life21 years
Distribution Units60,000 dry toilets and 1 sludges treatment plants
Emission reductions40,000 tCO2 between methane avoidance credits and biochar CO2 removals