Aither is a leading market maker of RTFCs providing buying and selling solutions to companies with a compliance obligation and producers of biofuels.

The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) is a cornerstone of the UK’s environmental policies to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles by encouraging biofuels that don’t damage the environment.

The RTFO only covers biofuels used in the transport and NRMM sectors. Under the RTFO, suppliers of transport and non-road mobile machinery fuel in the UK have to show that a percentage of their supply comes from renewable and sustainable sources. Fuel suppliers, including biofuels and fossil fuels, who supply at least 450,000 liters of fuel/year are affected.

Companies that supply less than 450,000 liters a year in the UK can also register if they want to claim Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs). Any company that provides sustainable biofuel for use in road transport or NRMM in the UK can obtain RTFCs.

RTFCs are certificates that can be exchanged between suppliers and traders or sold to companies that need them to meet their obligations under the RTFO system.