Certificates related to biofuels supplied to the Italian market

In 2006, Italy aimed to develop the supply chain and reduce atmospheric emissions from the transport sector by mandating obligations on petrol and diesel suppliers to distribute biofuels.

Based on the EU Directives, by 2020, biofuels will have to constitute 10% of the traditional petrol and diesel quotas. The GSE monitors and verifies these obligations on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development, thanks to the BIOCAR platform.

Under the conditions for paying duty on petrol and diesel, all transport suppliers are required to distribute a share of sustainable biofuels.

The minimum annual quantity of biofuels is calculated, starting from 2015, based on the energy content expressed in Gigacalories (Gcal) of fossil fuels distributed in the same year.

The GSE established the Certificates of Release for Consumption (CIC) to monitor and verified these obligations. The CIC subject sustainable biofuels in the national distribution system and the producers of Biomethane.

Each CIC certifies the release for consumption of several biofuels equal to 10 Gcal. In the case of distribution of advanced biofuels, the single certificate certifies the clearance for consumption of several biofuels equal to 5 Gcal. The GSE provides the BIOCAR platform, through which market players can register the exchanges of certificates.