Renewable Energy

Aither, by virtue of many years of successful experience in the environmental markets, has built a comprehensive portfolio of renewable energy certificates.

Thanks to our strong network of relations with renewable energy producers and traders, we can supply certificates of all types of renewable sources (solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal) and vintage at the most favorable prices.

We work alongside energy suppliers to facilitate the procurement of these certificates, so that they can precisely declare the share of energy from renewable sources supplied to end costumers in their energy mix.

How can Aither help?

With extensive global experience and deep localised knowledge of Renewable Energy markets, our experts help corporations and enterprises across the globe achieve their renewable ambitions with their time-tested advisory and solution implementation services.

Whether you are thinking about defining a renewable energy sourcing strategy, corporate PPAs, or other bespoke solutions; our energy experts can help with navigate every available option.

Our services

Help you set ambitious yet realistic sustainability goals

such as 100% Renewable Energy, or climate neutrality.

Define Renewable Energy vision and strategy

to increase the positive environmental impact, to improve the price hedge and the cost savings with a mix of the most fitted Renewable Energy instruments.

Implement the suited Renewable Energy instruments

to achieve your targets and operationalise your strategy.

Communicate and engage

stakeholders on your sustainability vision and communicate the results.

The opportunities from renewable energy projects

As part of the global effort to combat climate change and decrease our dependency on fossil fuels many countries have implemented schemes to foster renewable energy projects. The aim is to increase the share of renewables of the global energy consumption and to support investments into their supply chains.

Certificates ensure investments

The flexibility and efficiency of these schemes stem from the use of certificates that ensure that investments are made where they are most effective.

Aither ensure efficiency

Aither plays a key role to ensure the efficient transfer of certificates between buyers and sellers and thereby made a significant contribution to their success.