Efficient Cookstoves Project

The project aims to boost the market for efficient cooking technologies and popularise their use, as this will help reduce national consumption of non-renewable biomass fuels and, consequently, greenhouse gas emissions. This project contributes significantly to the local community, improves their habitat, provides them with sustainable livelihoods, and empowers women and children.

Location: Senegal, West Africa
Name: The African cookstoves distribution Initiative
Standard: VERRA
Annual volume: 55,650,00 tCO2/year



Restoring Mangroves

Mangroves capture four times more carbon than rainforests can. Mangroves deliver ample and nutritious food, filter pollutants, trap debris from the land and attract fish and other organisms seeking food to provide breeding and nursery grounds to various plant and animal species.

Location: Colombia, South America
Name: The Blue Carbon Project Gulf of Morrosquillo
Standard: VCS, CCBA (Gold)
Annual volume: 31,310 tCO2/year

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