From Plastic Waste to Plastic Credits

Considering the urgent need for a drastic change in Senegal’s current waste management system and the surrounding region, our project is prepared to lead and create the change needed and provide sustainable options.

Deekali Plastic; Recycling, Reuse and Community Action

In a joined initiative by Africa Carbon and Commodity (ACC) and Aither Group, the Deekali Plastic Recovery West Africa: Recycling, Reuse, and Community Action was introduced, and it is the first plastic credits project in Africa.


The first plastic credits project in Africa

The project aims to critically reduce plastic waste by introducing a system for waste collection from households, streets, public places, uncontrolled dumps, landfills and marine ecosystems, and dumpsites in fifty cities and villages in West Africa. The entire system provides job opportunities, women empowerment and eliminates plastic waste from coastal and landfill areas.

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