As a leading energy services provider, Aither has the breadth and depth of technical expertise to objectively develop the energy management project that will best suit your needs.

Aither provides its counterparts with the design, implementation, and financing of custom energy efficiency projects and the operation and maintenance of new equipment.

We help companies find the most suited budget-neutral solutions that put the energy-efficient upgrades within financial reach, reducing energy consumption while generating valuable cost savings.

Deliver Energy with Efficiency to all Clients

We perform detailed surveys and audits.

With this, we identify cost-effective energy-saving opportunities that employ today’s best available technologies, which will provide superior financial results and yield significant benefits to your business.

Aither makes different types of projects happen.

Whether it is an upgrade for buildings, industrial processes, or utility systems, Aither can be your partner on the road to a more energy-efficient and profitable future.

Our experts coordinate all project elements.

We ensure seamless integration of the engineering design, procurement, project planning, execution, and operations activities. We deliver all aspects of the project development, from conceptual engineering and design to commissioning and handover.

We make energy savings happen.

We help our counterparts developing the best solution, finding the right financing, building and commissioning, and ultimately collecting their savings.

Guaranteed ESCO Models

At Aither, we provide our customers with a guaranteed level of energy savings and a reliable source of revenue. We help you reduce your energy consumption while generating valuable cost savings and securing the finance for energy efficiency projects. We support you with two types of EPCs in which EFFORCE is established in the structure:


Guaranteed savings model

Italian White Certificates

TEEs (Titoli di Efficienza Energetica) is the Italian incentive for energy efficiency.
These certificates are traded on a dedicated exchange, as well as Over The Counter.

An untapped potential

It is becoming increasingly clear that energy efficiency can bring many significant economic and environmental benefits, yet a massive energy efficiency potential remains untapped.
While energy efficiency is improving, technologies are evolving to unlock an even more significant energy saving, bringing us closer to a future with lower emissions and energy waste.