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What we offer

Understanding the EU ETS, the complexities of the system, and prepping for its entry into force.

Offsetting emissions voluntarily with strategic purchasing options.

Understanding the characteristics of the CO2 market (supply, demand, pricing).

Creating an emissions reduction portfolio.

Trading of emission allowances

We buy, sell, and offer competitive prices to the market rate of CO2 emission allowances and an international network of counterparties.


Carbon offsetting: from an opportunity to authenticity

Although your fleet might not be able to become carbon neutral on its own, you can reduce its environmental impact using carbon offsets projects. Aither offers an unparalleled international portfolio of environmental commodities to meet your environmental ambitions.

Become a service provider

Aither’s solutions, made specifically for the shipping industry, can help you create sustainable strategies by offering environmental services to your leased fleet, building efficient synergies with your clients, and staying ahead of competitors.