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Aither delivers a clear strategy and continuously monitors the progress to adapt and improve your performance within the environmental regulations. At Aither, we ensure long-term value by balancing social, environmental, and economic considerations in your decision-making and operations.

We’re proud to be a Silver Climate Change Consultant and SBT Accredited Solution Provider of CDP, thus ensuring the expertise to help you achieve your environmental goals cost-effectively and efficiently.


Acquiring CDP certification will enable you to leverage the shift to a low-carbon economy and make environmental information a core aspect of your operations. CDP offers a platform for firms to reveal environmental data upon the request of their stakeholders.

In addition to satisfying this demand, Businesses disclosing their environmental information to their requesting authorities through CDP can gain tangible business benefits, such as safeguarding and improving their company’s reputation, enhancing competitive edge, staying ahead of regulations, identifying hazards and prospects, as well as monitoring and evaluating progress.

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Aither is a CDP-accredited leading environmental service provider. Our mission is to assist businesses in their pursuit of environmental leadership by connecting them with top-notch assistance.

With Aither's help, your organisation will tackle the climate crisis and seize benefits and opportunities for a smooth transition to a net-zero economy.

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