100% green tag

The Aither 100% Green Tag

This tag certifies commitment to sustainable development and renewable energy.

Responsible energy consumption is important to reach the sustainable development goals (SDGs) designed by the United Nations and enterprises that have consumed 100% of green and clean energy are awarded this Tag. Aither certifies that the energy consumed by companies with this “100% Green Tag” comes from renewable sources by retiring the related renewable energy certificates. These certificates are recognized by the producers of green energy so that their efforts in mitigating climate impact can be documented, measured, and traced.

At Aither, we are advocates for green power, and we steer the wheel towards renewable energy certificates that add not only value to you but show you as an entity with an unreversible positive impact on the environment.

co2 neutral by aither

The Aither CO2 Neutral Tag

This tag certifies commitment towards decarbonization.

Earning this tag informs your stakeholders that your company is fighting and winning the battle against GHG emissions, bringing its carbon impact to reach net zero. It also communicates that your organization has joined the globally awarded actions towards sustainable development, improving air quality or strengthening biodiversity.

At Aither, we ensure the international registration for your purchased credits as well as the investments in offsetting projects with verified standards from nature-based solutions, renewable energy, community projects to waste energy.

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