100% green tag

The Aither 100% Green Tag

The 100% Green Tag, certified by Aither, is a symbol of a company’s commitment to sustainable development and renewable energy. It verifies that the energy consumed by a company is 100% from green and clean sources and that the related renewable energy certificates have been retired. These certificates document, measure and trace the efforts of green energy producers in mitigating climate impact. At Aither, we are dedicated to promoting renewable energy and providing value to companies with a positive impact on the environment.


co2 neutral by aither

The Aither CO2 Neutral Tag

The decarbonization tag, certified by Aither, attests that a company is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net-zero carbon impact. It demonstrates that the organization is taking part in globally recognized actions for sustainable development, such as enhancing air quality and preserving biodiversity. Aither guarantees the registration of purchased credits and the investment in offsetting projects that adhere to verified standards for nature-based solutions, renewable energy, community projects, and waste energy.

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