The opportunities of the voluntary market

Popular credits in the Voluntary Market are VERs and VCUs. They represent the removal of one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere and are issued to project developers who have implemented emission reduction projects, such as afforestation, reforestation, energy efficiency and renewables. The cancellation of those credits makes offsetting possible.

Demand in this market is driven
by different stakeholders:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmentally conscious companies for their CSR projects and sustainable developments.

Industries & Environmentally Aware Individuals

Both players seeking carbon neutrality can compensate their emissions or provide an additional contribution to mitigating climate change.


Sustainable investments and green finance are raising more interest year after year and are becoming more profitable.

How this market works

The VER & VCU credits are supplied by a variety of projects in different countries all over the world. Many projects are using established technologies (Wind, Hydro or Biomass), while other projects are focusing in exploring pioneer technologies.

The process of validation and verification is similar to CDM projects and these credits (CERs) are exchanged between international registries.