Aither support companies to be in compliance with environmental regulations globally. We have over a decade in the environmental compliance and non-compliance markets. We are constantly up to date with the ever-changing legislations and your compliance with environmental products.

Aither ensures to all companies that they will have their corporate obligations in the most cost-efficient way with fast delivery and smooth settlement. Our global experienced team provides the needed assistance to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance without exhausting your own resources or operations.

Aither trades and provides liquidity in the EUA and UKA markets!

European Union Allowances (EUA)

Are you under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)? Do you want to purchase or sell additional EUAs?

We operate as a qualified counterparty in all transactions relating to the EU-ETS system, providing both simple products and structured solutions.

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UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Does the new UK ETS apply to you? Do you want to comply with the new UK emission trading scheme?

Our team operates around the clock as a verified actor to conduct trading activities that fall within the UK ETS scope.


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Understand the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and how Aither can help you

Well established projects
with high-quality credits.

Voluntary Carbon Credits Market (VCM) opportunities

Do you want to take rigorous actions against climate change? Do you want more fluid and unrestrained carbon credits that help you achieve your ambitious targets?

We develop verified, measured, and high-quality carbon credits globally that are ready to compensate for your emissions.

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Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER)

Do you want to leave a positive social impact globally? Do you want to end deforestation? Provide clean water, economic improvement, and stability to households?

Aither’s voluntary carbon projects grant you all of this while reducing or removing GHG emissions. We use different standards and methodologies that make every carbon offsetting project unique and sustainable.

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How can Aither help you?

Our team can support you in the EU ETS, UK ETS, and CH ETS. We offers an unparalleled international portfolio of environmental commodities to meet your environmental ambitions.

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