To solve the world’s most critical climate issues, it needs an outstanding team.

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Find a strong purpose
and deep meaning.

Together, we challenge climate change and create a better environment for everyone.

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Fun, dynamic, international,
and fast-growing team.

The goal of each of our offices is to inspire and help others become in compliance with nature. We all are working towards a cleaner, greener, and carbon-neutral future.

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Because we care

Work-Life Balance

We allow employees the opportunity to flexible working hours so that they don’t miss out on important personal life events.

Employee Recognition

We recognize your abilities, self-worth, and value to the company.

Advancement Opportunities

We support long-term career goals, a growth mindset, and the ability to master new skills.

Pleasant work environment

Our Offices globally are known for having a lot of natural light and many plants to give you the daily needed energy dose.

Free delicious Italian coffee

Our kitchen is equipped with the best coffee machine to serve you coffee every day!

Aither is for everyone.

We are committed to including diversity, equity, and inclusion to guarantee a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for everyone.

Join us and make a real planet difference.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, guided by a set of fundamental principles because climate change and human growth are inextricably linked. That is why Aither motivation towards climate action is driven by love for the earth and the life that inhabits it.