Make your aircrafts compliant with diverse and complex environmental regulations.

Aither support the aviation industry in the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

With our help, you will be the frontrunner in understanding and implementing environmental regulations and covering its economic and technical elements. Not only that, but we also source carbon offsetting projects that generate high-quality carbon credits worldwide.

We have a long-standing commitment with airlines to be compliant with nature

EU Emissions Trading Scheme

We guide airlines to manage specific challenges that the aircraft operators are facing. We assist them in designing and implementing emission purchasing strategies, making better and timely trade decisions, minimizing costs, and ensuring hassle-free compliance.

Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

Are you looking for the best prices to comply with CORSIA? Do you want your passenger to fly with zero emissions?

With Aither, you will achieve cost-effective trading solutions, purchase efficient strategies, understand your emission exposure, and how to manage it effectively to remain competitive and profitable.

Comply with CORSIA and reach
your net-zero goals.

Sourcing CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

We constantly monitor market dynamics and price developments. Our platform provides access to the best market strategies and plans that enable you to achieve cost-effective settlements.

Supporting aircraft operators

We provide support to understand the complexities of carbon offset projects and carbon markets which are vital in implementing successful strategy to reach science-based targets.

Airlines and Voluntary Carbon Market

Aither helps you to comply with nature by choosing the best solution to offset your emissions.

Our team selects the best credits with the highest Sustainable Development Goals coverage, community benefits, and rigorous environmental ambitions.
Explore our voluntary carbon projects

How can Aither help you?

Our team can support you in the EU ETS, UK ETS, CH ETS, and CORSIA. We offer an unparalleled international portfolio of environmental commodities to meet your environmental ambitions.

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