The aviation sector has been included in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) since 2012. Under the EU ETS, all airlines operating in Europe are required to monitor, report and verify their emissions that fall into the scope, and to surrender allowances against those emissions.

The emission exposure, amid the other operating costs, puts aircraft operators into a more uncertain world. To help them be successful in emission markets, Aither works closely with aviation counterparties to come out with the cost-effective trading solutions and purchasing strategies. We help the aviation sector to have a keen understand of their emission exposure and manage it effectively, in order to remain competitive and profitable.

How we cope with rules and market factors

GHG regulations bring unique challenges to aircraft operators. These challenges can be addressed with the help of an experienced partner and can be successfully transformed into opportunities to leverage competitive advantage.

What we offer

Trading Service

Address the risks and challenges brought by CORSIA with smooth trading process.

Risk Management

Quantify the financial exposure brought by CORSIA.


Minimize risks and ensure compliance of our counterparties.


EUAA, or EU Aviation Allowance, are the financial instruments originally created for aircraft operators to comply in the EU ETS. At the end of each compliance cycle, aircraft operators can surrender EUAAs, other than EUAs, to cover their yearly compliance obligations.