Afforestation Reforestation (A/R) Project

A/R Jardin Carbone Mbé JACAMBÉ is focused on the plantation of Acacia mangium tree. This species acts as a pioneer, accumulating biomass and nitrogen in the naturally poor soil of the area. This will set the stage for potential natural forest plantations in the future. Furthermore, the program advocates for positive impacts on the livelihoods of local communities. Agricultural fields in the project area will receive seedlings, and extension services will be made available to facilitate their transition to agroforestry systems.

This will allow farmers to continue accessing resources and improve their production systems. Additionally, the project will implement energy plantations near the communities. These two activities combined will enhance access to sustainable firewood and charcoal production, reducing deforestation and leakage. The program also includes activities such as mushroom production, beekeeping, improved shepherding techniques, and various extension services. These initiatives support a holistic approach to landscape management, socioeconomic impact, and biodiversity protection.


We are saving 40,000 hectares in Congo

Project Details

Project Life30 years
Area Covered40,000 hectares
Emission reductions20 Million tCO2